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D. Medicine Woman Handmade Aromatherapy Products Big Island

Contact: Darlene Barrett
Phone: (808) see-webs
Fax: (808) 939-9050

Ocean View, HI 96737

Island: Big Island

Service Area: All Islands

Hand Made with Aloha! AROMATHERAPY THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS.  Hair Conditioner, Lotions, Castille Shampoo/Soap - Sprays, etc. NO alcohol-NO chemicals-NO water policy - only good old fashion ingredients.  Smaller size Fragrances (including Hawaiian) and Essentials.  Bulk Quantities Available!   Try Painless Potion, HI Hair Conditioner, Breathe Better & Bug Off sprays!

 D. Medicine Woman has been doing aromatherapy and other natural, herbal, homeopathic products, etc. since the late 1970’s.
ALL PRODUCTS ARE HAND MADE WITH ALOHA! “NO WATER OR OIL DOWN”, NO TOXIC CHEMICALS AND “NO ALCOHOL”! Only essential oils are used in products to maximize the therapeutic benefits! Only 100% pure, organic and/or natural products are used!ONLY THE BEST OF THE BEST ESSENTIALS ARE USED IN MY CREATIONS!


  • Powerful Painless Potion (arthritis, muscle pain, diabetics (heals wounds), safe for face/sinus’
  • Sole Soother (Similar to above except more Wintergreen and not recommended for face)
  • Hawaiian (HI White Ginger and HI Pikake)
  • Breath Better (Vog, Asthma, mold and allergies)
  • Bug Off! Spray (takes care of just about every annoying bug – mosquitoes, gnats, ETC.)
  • Breathe Better Spray (helps breathing – in many instances can reduce medications)
  • Uncle Earl’s Heavy Duty Cleaner – Body Wash, Shampoo for those dirty days!
  • Clean Your Face (great for acne, dermatology problems,.)
  • Animal Shampoo and Conditioner (rids bugs off of dogs, cats, horses)
  • Diabetic Defense Healing Lotion: Cinnamon Leaf, Wintergreen, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, White Camphor, Chamomile & Sweet Marjoram.
    DMW's Hawaiian Medicinal Oil (20% coconut oil, 60% avocado, 20% macnut and 10% kukui) in our almost sustainable Healing Lotion with awa/kava, local beeswax, coconut cream (butter) and infused with FBIs Lavender and Rosemary.

NEW & UNIQUE: Distilled Hydrosols and Essential Oils with Hawaiian Grown Vetiver, Oregano, Sandlewood, Awapuhi Ginger Root

Create Your Own: We customize for you: Providing people with the base (lava lotion/magic potion/massage oil/scrub) Add you  own scent – fragrance or cosmetic grade such asHawaiian Ocean Breeze Spray – Scent of the Pacific. “NO WATER DOWN” AND “NO ALCOHOL policy.

DMW'S SIGNATURE SERIES: Includes Silently Seductive & Scentsual. These TWO proprietary formulas smell different on every man or woman!!! It mixes with your own chemistry and hormones.

Personalized Spa Products also available. Wildflower is a favorite and Cosmetic Grade Mauna Mist and Manuka. Can also be requested in any MP, LL, APO, Thairapy or Scrub Magic Potions (massage, body lotion, before/after shave, etc.), Lava Lotions (liquid soap/shampoo), All Purpose Oils (healing: massage, body, hair treatments, etc.), THAIRAPY (Hair Conditioner) AND NEW!!! HAWAIIAN! SCRUBS: Turbinado (cane sugar) OR Sea Salt OR Sea Salt with Clay! ALL products Scented or Unscented. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!!! EXPECT THE BEST! ™© d. MEDICINE

D. Medicine Woman says " After spending a good fortune on health care products, I was always disappointed in the quality. Even the saying, “you get what you pay for” didn’t apply anymore. Many of the company’s started off with a great quality product, but once they hit the big time, the product went down hill.  We offer something special made in Hawaii with care and attention to quality that people will enjoy and benefit from."

Here at D.Medicine Woman, we strive to provide the best possible therapeutic aromatherapy products at the best possible prices.
We handcraft each of our items using local and sustainable ingredients where and when ever it's possible.
We grow and distill as much of our own essential oils and hydrosols as we possibly can, and purchase from local farms here on the Big Island, too! 
Each D.Medicine Woman item features the best highest quality oils available, is custom designed, and is handcrafted with Aloha at our farm here in Hawaii

Stay Well!

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